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Data Integration

Simplify your integrations and automate your processes with an Integration Platform

Solve complex integrations with just a few clicks and connect any system or data source with agility and scalability to grow your business

Get to know our Data Integration

Modern and robust Integration Platform for large-scale operations

In addition to being extremely flexible and scalable, Semantix’s Integration Platform allows you to customize your projects according to your needs, monitor flows in real-time, and quickly correct any failures.

Integrate everything you need

With modern architecture, it is possible to quickly and efficiently build integrations between systems, databases, and any type of source.

Enjoy flexibility and scalability

Build integrations with high-code resources, fully adapted and customized to your business needs.

Monitor integrations in real-time

Monitor integration flows, be notified of failures, identify errors, and quickly correct any issues.

Centralized Integration Management

Have a centralized management and monitor everything in a single view that will help you and your team gain more efficiency.

Connect whatever you need according to your business needs, from the most complex integrations to the simplest ones.

Accelerate integration development by 70%

Create or import your documentation (via Swagger) with important information about your API, and automatically provide a smooth and developer-friendly documentation

Receive real-time notifications of failures

Receive failure alerts from notifications as they occur and know exactly where the error is, and fix it quickly.

Have a library of ready-to-use connectors.

Have access to over 200 pre-built components for software, ERPs, and much more, and accelerate integration building. Or create your own component at any time.

Time to accelerate your Value Journey.

Unlock your full potential by accelerating the maturity process in your data journey.

Simplify Integration Management.

Customize projects according to your needs, monitor integration flows in real-time, and quickly fix errors.

Low-code: Accelerate your integration development

Develop integrations with little or no lines of code using low-code resources from our platform. A simple interface prepared for integrations with low technical complexity.

High-Code: Flexibility and extensibility for complex integrations

Have flexibility and extensibility with our high-code. Develop integrations from any IDE, and use methods from our SDK to save time with complex tasks such as data transformation, error logs, parallelism, and much more.

+200 pre-built components

Accelerate your integration building with pre-built components. There are more than 200 components from different market software, such as CRMs, e-commerce platforms, ERP systems, and much more. Additionally, have the flexibility to create your own component at any time.

Triggers: Trigger integrations with intelligent events

By using triggers, you can configure the execution of your integration through scheduling, pub-sub events, webhooks, and much more.

Monitor your integrations in real-time.

Have detailed logs of each executed integration and monitor everything that happens in your integrations, the data traffic, status, performance, and much more. Additionally, create intelligent alerts for each type of execution.

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Why Semantix?

Semantix offers an all-in-one solution for data-driven companies.

Bring your data. We take care of it end-to-end. You analyze and reap the results.

What are the benefits?

In addition to having solutions that fit your budget, you can reduce operational costs and accelerate your business goals, generating value through data.

And what is included in the package of your products?

  • 24×7 or 8×5 support
  • Cloud infrastructure already included
  • Professional services for your projects
  • Data ingestion with 200 ready-to-use connectors
  • Ready-to-use Artificial Intelligence solutions

Numerous companies have already taken care of and generated value through their data.