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Algorithm Marketplace

Find valuable data on the Semantix Data Marketplace

Enrich your intelligence projects and models with our selection of carefully treated, documented, and ready-to-use databases

+120 public data sources

There are over 2,700 cataloged tables, and that’s just the beginning!

+20TB of data

The financial market, retail, healthcare, agriculture, and many other economic segments are covered.

Your privacy is our priority

We are fully compliant with LGPD regulations and certified under ISO 27.001, 27.701, and PCI standards.

Security and convenience for

Searching, sharing, and monetizing data

We process and cross-reference public databases to streamline the work of analysts. Our partners can also monetize their data by sharing it with the market.

Types of databases

Public Databases

IBGE, DataSUS, IPEA, and many other sources. Multiple free datasets enriched with metrics and cross-referencing to generate more intelligence. Many innovations and startups will emerge from here!

Semantix proprietary databases

Excellence is here: we provide many proprietary databases that were created from market research, studies, and historical data. Find unique and high-quality tables.

Partner databases

Customers and users provide databases of interest to the community, and everyone benefits. We ensure the security and quality of all databases through rigorous validation processes.

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Largest data marketplace in Latin America

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