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Technology solutions

Accelerate your operations by 70%

In addition, you can double your capacity for API and integration management. All with the expertise of the first deep tech company in Latin America

Count on the only All-In-One platform in the market

Make it easier to develop your solutions by unifying your attention with development and integrations in the Semantix Data Platform, the most robust platform in the market

Scale and accelerate

With Semantix Data Platform, you have much more ease to scale and accelerate your projects by over 70%

Progress without technical downtime

Increase the productivity of your development team. The ready-made structure of Semantix Data Integration makes everything simpler and more intuitive for your technology projects

Semantix Data Integration

All your needs for IT projects in one place


Integral technical support

24x7 or 8x5 technical support available. Always have a highly technical team at your disposal.

200+ ready-to-use APIs

Quickly make the necessary integrations for your project. Low-code and no-code solutions that are easy to use for any level of seniority.

AI Marketplace

Ready-made AI solutions to quickly plug into your data lake and further revolutionize your projects

The largest data lake in Latin America

With the largest data lake in Latin America, you won't have to worry about a thing. Bring your business data and create even more powerful end-to-end solutions.

A great team to call your own

Do you have a project ready to take off but lack manpower? Don't worry. We have professional services solutions with Engineers, Data Scientists, and Analysts.

The best practices are here

Access the best practices for integration frameworks and APIs. Have a vast library to improve your team's knowledge in new technologies at your disposal.

Time to accelerate your Value Journey.

Unlock your full potential by accelerating the maturity process in your data journey.

Scale up and accelerate

Semantix Data Platform helps you scale and accelerate your product to achieve big goals


speed up the development of your platform


capability for API and integration management


saved in financial operations


speed to bill e-commerce

Want to boost your operation? Talk to one of our specialists!

Why Semantix?

Semantix offers an all-in-one solution for data-driven companies.

Bring your data. We take care of it end-to-end. You analyze and reap the results.

What are the benefits?

In addition to having solutions that fit your budget, you can reduce operational costs and accelerate your business goals, generating value through data.

And what is included in the package of your products?

  • 24×7 or 8×5 support
  • Cloud infrastructure already included
  • Professional services for your projects
  • Data ingestion with 200 ready-to-use connectors
  • Ready-to-use Artificial Intelligence solutions

Numerous companies have already taken care of and generated value through their data.